• Welcome to Engineering

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    We are really pleased to see you here and hope you enjoy your Digital Pre-Programme event.

    On this page you will find various activities to help you to get ready for your LIVE event with us on Tuesday 6 July at 1:30pm.

    To help you get started:

    1. Watch the "Introductory video" Link:  
    2. Watch the video Meet the Tutors   
    3. Complete the activities in the following sections
    4. Send us your questions to Progression.bookings@loucoll.ac.uk and we will try to answer these at the live event.

    On Tuesday 6 July you will need to access the LIVE event ready to start working with us at 1:30pm. 

    You should have your camera switched off but you will need to have a working microphone in your device so that we can hear you talk. 

    By sharing video with us you agree to that video being used by Loughborough College and shared with the other participants in the meeting.

    • Activities- The basics

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      The below activities are for an Engineer that likes fun tasks. This will give you a taste of what it's like to be someone who wants to solve problems in a simplistic way.

      Some of the tasks require resources:

      Chocolate Welding: Thin chocolate bars * 4, a bottle to hold hot water, safe working practices.

      Show us how you've done by emailing a picture to Progression.bookings@loucoll.ac.uk and we will have a look!

    • Activities- Just have a go!

      Not published to students

      This section is a little more tricky.  This is about thinking about your basic skills and applying them.  Can you use your knowledge to engineer a solution to the problems?

      You will need some resources for some of these tasks:

      Spaghetti Tower:  You will need 20 pieces of dried spaghetti, 1 large Marshmallow, 1m tape, 1m string.

      Rivet Mathematics Challenge:  You will need Pen, Paper and Calculator.  See how far you can get…..

      Engineering Sketching: You will need a pencil, rubber and paper.

      Show us how you've done by emailing a picture to Progression.bookings@loucoll.ac.uk and we will have a look!

    • Activities- Stretch yourself

      Not published to students

      In this section you get to test your knowledge of different electrical & electronic engineering concepts. The first quiz contains 20 multiple choice questions while the second quiz contains 5 ranking questions. Click the respective links to access the quiz and do not forget to submit the answered form.

      The Fermi problems: This is the use of estimation and mathematics to answer a complex question.  Many of the questions do not have clear cut answers and sometimes alternative paths are possible.  Engineers regularly face these "back of envelope" calculations- how will you do?

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