• Diploma in Applied Science

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    This course is a vocational course and is made up of both internally assessed coursework units and externally assessed exams and is the equivalent of two A-Levels. At Loughborough College we follow the Human Science Pathway so the units are roughly made up of 60% Biology, 30% Chemistry and 10% Physics in the Science Fundamentals unit. You will be graded for each unit as achieving pass, merit or distinction and you will be awarded points accordingly. When you have completed all units, the points are added up and you will be awarded an overall grade ranging from PP to D*D*. PP is equivalent to 2 A levels at grade E and D*D* is equivalent to 2 A levels at grade A*.

    In year one, you will study safety in Laboratories and the legislation which determines safe working practices.  You will complete three coursework units in Microbiology,  Drug Development and control of Hazards in the laboratory.

    There are two externally examined units.  Unit 1 is 'Science Fundamentals' in which you will be assessed in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Unit 2 is 'Laboratory Techniques' which focuses on the practical techniques you have studied. 

    In the second year you will have one examined unit on Scientific Analysis and Reporting. The four internally assessed units are: Genetics; Human Nutrition; Cell Biology and Testing Consumer Products.

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