• A Level Sociology

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    Sociology is the systematic study of social institutions, social groups and human behaviour.  You will learn about the roles played by different institutions within society such as education, family and media.  You will analyse these from a range of theoretical viewpoints and consider important contemporary issues such as inequality and the role these agencies play in perpetuating or challenging inequalities.  You will also examine trends, patterns and types of crime and explore theoretical explanations of crime and deviance. You will also learn about crime prevention strategies, the role of the CJS and other agencies such as the police.

    Sociology A-level will develop  the skills that will enable you to  look at the world in a critical manner.  Sociology examines the workings of our everyday world and attempts to make a difference. It equips you with a new way of interacting with the world for the rest of your life.  You will develop skills such as independent  learning, critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.  If you enjoy debates and  constructing an argument this course is for you!

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