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    the palaces of Westminster in London displaying the big ben tower with a view from across water

    The study of politics is an interesting and thought-provoking subject to study at A Level. Not only will you learn key concepts and ideas, but you will apply these to current world issues both at home and across the world. You will be following the Edexcel syllabus in which you will study three components. The first two centre on the politics and the government of the UK. In the third you will study the US political system and compare aspects with the UK components.   

    Both at home and across the world we have seen at first-hand how governments have dealt with a range of current issues, whether this is Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic or the US boarder dispute with Mexico in the early part of the Trump administration. 

    trump at the state of union address in congress

    Studying politics will allow you to become both politically and critically aware of governments, as well as being able to analyse and evaluate the extent to which old ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and conservatism are still alive and well in this country and globally today. You will also study feminism as an additional ideology. 

    Politics is a subject which you may not have studied before. However, you will find that there will be some cross over with other subjects you may have studied before like history or sociology. Politics is a good subject to have as part of your study program, with many universities seeing it as a good subject to have. Universities including most Russel Groups, offer a degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). Having this background will help you if this is you chosen pathway after you A Levels. Alternatively, you might want to study a higher apprenticeship.

    You will study 3 components:

    Component 1 - Politics of the UK 

    Component 2 - Governing the UK 

    Component 3 - Government & Politics of the USA

    The full course can be found on the Edexcel website by going to: 


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