• A Level Media Studies

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    The media play a central role in contemporary culture, society and politics. They shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, ideas and points of view they offer. The media have real relevance and importance in our lives today, providing us with ways to communicate, with forms of cultural expression and the ability to participate in key aspects of society. The globalised nature of the contemporary media, ongoing technological developments and more opportunities to interact with the media suggest their centrality in contemporary life can only increase. 
    The WJEC Eduqas specification offers the opportunity to develop a thorough and in depth understanding of these key issues, using theories to support critical exploration and reflection, analysis and debate.  The study of a wide range of rich and stimulating media products is central, offering opportunities for detailed analysis of how the media communicate meanings in a variety of forms. 
    Although the primary emphasis in this specification is on the contemporary media, you will explore how the products relate to their wider historical contexts and also extend your experience of the media through the study of products with which you may be less familiar, including those produced by or for a minority group, non-mainstream and non-English language products.

    This specification also recognises the fundamental relationship between theoretical understanding and practical work, providing you with opportunities to develop media production skills in different forms: you will be offered a choice of briefs and forms within which to work, enabling you to explore and pursue your own media interests. 

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