• Introduction

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    What will you learn in A Level Law?

    A Level Law will give you an understanding of not only how our laws are created and  developed, but how they are applied daily in both criminal and civil courts throughout England and Wales.  You will learn the job roles of legal personnel and the judiciary, and how these professionals are regulated and controlled.  Your main focus of study will be the understanding and application of legal rules in relation to criminal, tort and contract law.   By applying legal rules and points of law to real life situations, you will be required to give accurate advice as to the legal liability of a defendant in a  criminal court and  the rights and remedies  of a claimant in a civil matter.

    Why study A Level Law?

    The law governs all aspects of our life, therefore this is an exciting opportunity to learn how our laws are formed and different aspects of our legal system that always there to assist us if we feel we have been wronged.  The study of Law will also help you to develop skills in analytical ability, critical thinking and problem solving, through the application of legal rules.  


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