• A Level History

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    A Level History will help you develop a number of new skills including how to assess information by investigating facts and using deduction, how to put over your point of view fluently and how to work as part of a team. These skills will be beneficial in your future studies and employment. 

    In this subject we will cover two modules:

    Germany (In-depth Module) Democracy and Nazism 1918-45.  This module will cover the extensive changes in Germany throughout the period.  From autocratic government to democracy and then to a dictatorship, learners will engage what society was like for the ordinary people of Germany, the Jews and the Nazis. 

    Britain 1603-1702 (Breadth module) The Crisis of the Monarchy. This module focuses on Britain at a time of war, fear, religious conflict, disease, revolution and enlightenment.  This period, which spans 99 years, is known as the Early Modern Period and concentrates on British society and the people behind change.

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