• A Level Geography

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    The A-level Geography will develop your knowledge and understanding of physical and human processes through studying places and environments. You will develop skills and conceptual knowledge on how to deal with vital issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation, social issues and natural hazards. You will also learn how to use statistics in order to understanding primary and secondary geographical data sets, this knowledge will be applied in year 2 to complete the independent research investigation.  Throughout the academic year you will be asked to read newspapers and academic articles to keep your subject knowledge up to date.

    You will enjoy the scope of the material covered in geography, the insights it can provide into the world around us, and the highly contemporary nature of the issues it tackles. To study A-level Geography, you need to have an inquiring and open mind. You need to be aware of issues worldwide, not just in the UK, and be able to debate issues such as migration, natural hazards and climate change. Students must also think about them from political, economic, environmental and social perspectives.

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