• A Level Film Studies

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    You will study the key elements of film form including cinematography, mise en scène, editing, sound and performance. You will also study the contexts of your chosen films and what was happening when the film was made. What can the film tell us about history and society at that time? You will study the films in terms of the representations they present or challenge. In Year 1, you will also study the specialist film areas of spectatorship, narrative and ideology. In Year 2, you will engage in the study of various critical debates surrounding film.

    Film Studies is an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile subject to study, but expect to be constantly challenged and excited by the course. Not only will it change the way you watch film, but more importantly it will challenge you to think in new ways and question or change your perspective on a whole host of issues, for example, representation of race or gender. Studying film allows you to understand important issues and developments within history, society and culture, using film as the medium with which to gain a greater insight into these areas.

    On this page are the links and resources needed for the pre-programme event.

    - First watch the PowerPoint presentation, accompanied by the Jurassic Park clip.
    - Complete the quiz after watching the presentation.

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