• A Level Environmental Science

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    The focus of Environmental studies is the development of an understanding of how different events and cycles within the environment interrelate. Key aspects of this course include such areas as wildlife conservation, pollution, global climate change and sustainability. Students must develop an understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems. An understanding of these systems should be used to propose changes in society that would produce sustainable lifestyles Integrated practical activities, both within the laboratory and, wherever possible the environment, are completed throughout the course.

    Studying Environmental studies provides an excellent background for anyone considering a career in environmental health, conservation or sustainability. With opportunities to include real life case studies in your teaching, this contemporary qualification has never been more relevant. This is a great accompaniment to A-levels in geography, biology, physics and maths and develops key skills including communication, teamwork and critical thinking. It also provides an ideal base for a very wide variety of higher education courses including degrees in geography, science, climate planning and teaching.

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