• A Level English Literature

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    You learn about the methods great writers use in order to create meaning, and use critical thinking to evaluate the effectiveness of those methods. You will also gain insight into certain periods in history, e.g. attitudes to women, social hierarchies, religion, etc. Finally, you develop your essay writing skills to construct a convincing argument based on evidence from the text(s). You will develop a mature formal academic writing style using appropriate literary terminology, and structure your ideas so that you can communicate them effectively.

    If you enjoy reading, then studying great writing and the (often interesting or unusual) lives of writers is not only stimulating and fun, it also teaches you about human nature and some of the challenges and questions in life. In addition, you acquire a range of transferable practical skills. For example, you learn analytical skills, how to argue your points effectively, and critical thinking—not taking anything automatically at face value. Above all, you develop an  understanding of the power of  language when used effectively, which should positively impact your power to communicate.

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