• A Level English Language

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    Through a rich and varied programme of study, you will develop a deep knowledge of how English language works and a secure understanding  of the language system. You will explore data and examples of language in use and apply linguistic concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis of language.  

    The language levels you will develop an understanding of includes: 

    • Phonetics, phonology and prosodics
    • Lexis and semantics
    • Grammar including morphology
    • Pragmatics and discourse

    Studying English Language at A level is very different from GCSE. The course takes a theory based approach to analysing language, it challenges students to observe language use around us in context. Studying with us will give you the opportunity to find answer to questions such as:
    •  To what extent would language use be gender specific? 
    •  What linguistic techniques might the media, advertisers and politicians use in order to influence our way of thinking? 
    •  To what extent might our language have changed due to technology and is this change beneficial or harmful to the English language? 
    •  How do children learn to speak?

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